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Members’ Meeting


The membership meets Sunday, April 27, 2:00pm at the Bedford Public Library.  The short agenda includes a recap of the past season and election of officers (board of directors) for the 2015 season.  A nominating committee, chaired by vice president Dee Zuniga, will submit recommendations.  This is an open meeting,


 for MCBA’s voting members – head coaches in good standing and the board of directors.




 to see how the coach games and other donations have affected underwriting scholarships for next season (preliminary, awaiting additional items).   for the historical background of the coach games, first held during the 2002 season.



High School Basketball Camps


Most of the area high school varsity coaches conduct summer camps for youth.  These have been announced:


 for the LD Bell Girls camp, June 23-26 at BEDFORD JH.

 for the LD Bell Boys camp, June 9-12 at BEDFORD JH.

 for the Trinity Girls and Boys camps, June 16-19 at HARWOOD JH.

 for the Birdville Girls camp, June 16-19.

 for the Birdville Boys camp, June 23-26.



Next Season


MCBA has one season, “Winter.”  Look for information about registration for our 2015 season this September with signups in October.

 for the 2014-2015 school calendar.  We plan to begin practices and games after New Year’s Day and end with a week to spare before Spring Break.


HOWEVER...On Monday, April 14, the H-E-B ISD School Board voted to revise the calendar, moving Spring Break up one week (to March 9-13) to correspond to what many other area school districts have adopted, meaning MCBA is again faced with a “very tough scheduling problem.”  When that calendar is published, we will update the calendar on this web site.


 for eligibility requirements (minimum age and must be ENROLLED in first grade or higher).



Post-Season Tournament


 for details about MCBA’s “March Madness” tournament, now completed (“February Madness” doesn’t sound nearly as exciting).




Coach of the Year

Sportsmanship Award

Rookie Boys First Grade

Michael Ballantyne – Mavs

Damian Bates – Blue Raiders

Rookie Boys Second Grade

Niraj Mehta – Heat

Judah LaClave – Frogs

Junior Boys Third Grade

Mariel Holt – Saints

Alexander "AJ" Duke – Suns

Junior Boys Fourth Grade

Lewis Cohen – Bulls

Noah Williams – Raptors

Major Boys Fifth Grade

Gregg Madsen – Gladiator Frogs

Nazir Brown – Blue Raiders

Major Boys Sixth Grade

Marisha Mapp – Heat

Darren Dean – Barons

Senior Boys

John Rutherford – Cougars

Tristan P. Mitchell – Knicks

Senior Boys Select

Don Pilcher – Saints

Abdelrahim Mansour – Saints

Rookie Girls

Peyton Iman – Shock

Miranda Villarreal – Bazinga

Junior Girls Third Grade

Chuck Morgan – Shock

Tallulah Koenig – Storm

Junior Girls Fourth Grade

Ken Hatcher – Hot Tamales

Tanvi Rajpurohit – Hot Tamales

Major Girls Fifth Grade

Meredith Benton – Lady Raiders

Elexis McClain – Lady Raiders

Major Girls Sixth Grade

George Freeman IV – Lady Trojans

Claire McDonald – Lady Stars

Sportsmanship awards are presented annually in memory of Louise Koontz, former Junior Girls’ Commissioner, and Bill Rippy, long-time MCBA President.  Recipients are invited to return the following season, without paying a registration fee, if they have eligibility remaining (not yet in the ninth grade).











2013 Season

2014 Season

Brady Cobern

Jordan Kapiloff

Manuel DeJesus

Holden Lucio

Liam Leonard


Eric Zuniga


Madison Bishop

Alexia Cooper

Jasmine Cabrera

Hiral Dhruve

Deyana Wilson

Leata Kisena


Annually, MCBA recognizes players that have played with us continuously from first grade through their final season of eligibility with an “Achievement Award.”











 for this season’s game schedules.  Final results are posted.


Team rosters, schedules and results:


RB1    RB2    JB3    JB4    MB5    MB6    SB    SB(S)      RG    JG3    JG4    MG5    MG6



Team Formation


 for the list (23 pages) of all players.

To speed searches, you can choose to begin about ¼ of the way thru (page 6) if you

about ½ of the way thru (page 12) if you

and about ¾ of the way thru (page 18) if you  .


 for the list of all coaches.   for the list of teams, with head coaches and uniform colors.



 for our calendar of events for 2013-2014, set by the MCBA Board of Directors on June 23rd.



 for MCBA’s budget, which does NOT include projections for sale of souvenir “bling” or Coaches’ Exhibition Games net revenue (profit).


Our web site has a search engine feature.  Try it:    to search MCBA’s web site.  A new browser window opens.

This search engine scans through the files on this web site “now,” which makes updates (especially additions) show up immediately.  A search for “bobby smith” or “mustangs” might take about 8-10 seconds.

MCBA has published Frequently Asked Questions since 1999-2000.


  for the FAQ for the 2013/14 season.




 for a printable version of the FAQ.

MCBA has many informational materials for reference:


HTML Version

PDF Version

MCBA’s Bylaws 



MCBA’s Rules 



Player Draw Rule Explanation, Rulings    Click for PowerPoint Presentation



Rookie League Rules Summary 


Click  ††

Junior League Rules Summary 


Click  ††

Major League Rules Summary 


Click  ††

Senior League Rules Summary 


Click  ††

Coaching Box Rule 



Player Participation Policy                          Click for PowerPoint Presentation



Criminal Background Check Policy for Coaches 



Refund Policy – discussed adoption at the August 25th board meeting 



MCBA’s Awards Policy 



Background information about our tournaments 



Post-Season Tournament Notes 



Rules and Conduct at Practices 



Reference for Clock Keepers and Scorekeepers 

Click for PowerPoint Presentation for scorekeepers on player participation


Clock Keepers  ††

Scorekeepers  ††

A simple check list for MCBA coaches 



Often Heard Gripes (by kids!) 



Attachment to License Agreement (the “contract” to practice) 



Nonschool Use of School Facilities 



Calendar of Events 



Practice Session Selection Memo



School Map

Reference material primarily for MCBA’s Commissioners




Reference material primarily for MCBA’s Coaches



Discussion of uniform colors and numbers



Credit Card Policy





   Most of the items listed above, and several others, are included in Reference Information for MCBA’s Coaches and Officials.  This is in “booklet” form, intended to be printed on both sides of the paper, folded and stapled (the pages appear out of order unless printed the way designed).  Head coaches receive a copy at the time of team formation.


 for the cover (table of contents, event calendar, school locator map) and  for the content of the season’s (2013-2014) booklet.


††   Laminated copies of rules summaries, clock keeper instructions and scorekeeper instructions are placed on the scorer’s table at every game.



 for a “Q&A” going through some considerations about the revised team formation rule (the team “moving up” together rule).



 for a primer on how to keep score at an MCBA game.  It’s not difficult, and we have a “scheme” for tracking player participation that’s very easy to use.



The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Basketball Rules Committee posted the 2013-2014 Basketball Rules Changes, Comments on the 2013-14 Rules Changes and 2013-2014 NFHS Points of Emphasis.


At the suggestion of coaches, we’ve posted a “worksheet” that can be used to help plan player participation.  Coaches might like to try it.  The general idea is to have a plan that assures every player gets, at least, two full quarters of play in every game.


NYSCA coaching clinics conducted by MCBA include a special presentation about MCBA rules, practices, policy and lore.


  These documents are available only in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF):


* Coaches’ Application Form – No matter when a person wishes to become an MCBA coach, he or she must complete and submit these two pages.  They can be mailed to MCBA’s post office box address, e-mailed to info@midcitiesbasketball.org, or brought to one of the coaching clinics.


* Player Registration Forms – We use a GIRL’S Form and a BOY’S Form to avoid mistakes (weird things once happened – use your imagination!).



* “Block” a Team or Coach

* Scholarship Policy and Sample Form



* National Federation Instructions for Scorers and Timers

* National Federation Basketball Signals

* National Federation Basketball Uniforms Specifications


* National Federation Basketball Court Diagram

* NFHS Guidelines for Management of Concussion

* NFHS Rules Interpretations, new 2013-14 Rule






We routinely produce a “Quick Status Report” from our records following key events, one page that shows us “where we stand.”   for the end-of-season status reports since 2005, working backwards from the most recent season.


 for a registration analysis (size of leagues), each season since 1996.   to see where our players attended school (demographic) each season since 2005.


If you have a question for MCBA, send us a note by clicking HERE and we will get you an answer.

 for the list of MCBA’s Board of Directors for the 2013/14 season.  Comments to individual officers can be sent via e-mail links available on the list.


Comments about this web site are always welcome.  Send the “webmaster” a note by clicking HERE.

MCBA leases the facilities of the Hurst-Euless-Bedford Independent School District.

H-E-B ISD waives the gym rental fee (currently $20 per player) for all “scholarship” recipients attending District schools.  We budgeted for 125 youth “scholarships”  this season (2014).  Click for the direct link to the school district’s Child Nutrition Services - Free and Reduced-Price Meals.

The direct link to the school district’s weather info is http://schoolctr.hebisd.edu/weather.

Unless specifically altered, MCBA uses the basketball rules of the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS).

Use this link to order the 2013-2014 Basketball Rules Book, provided free to new head coaches at the time teams are formed.  Item BKRB14:  Retail Price $7.20 plus shipping.

ALL MCBA coaches are certified through the National Association of Youth Sports (NAYS).  MCBA’s Coach Certification Clinician conducts three classroom clinics for our prospective coaches in December, after teams are formed but before practices begin.  MCBA’s clinics include league-specific breakout sessions to cover our playing rules.  MCBA pays the membership fees for those attending these clinics and for all coaches renewing their memberships.  Coaches whose schedules make it inconvenient to attend our clinic may elect to take the online version, possibly at his or her own expense ($20 – requires a credit card).  In some cases MCBA makes arrangements for the online clinic and prepays the fee. 

Use this link to find out about the Coaches Certification Program (NYSCA).  If you decide to take the online class, you are asked to identify your “chapter.”  Select “H.E.B PARKS & RECREATION - 2954” from the drop-down menu offered.







These valued vendors provide significant cost savings and exceptional service to our association.


T-shirt awards


Free use of meeting facilities at the Library and BRAC



Office supplies, copying, and office equipment



          Uniform jerseys

          and game equipment



“Click” on the vendor’s logo to go to their home page.  A new browser window opens for each.




Mailing services




Trophy and medallion




Registration location, in Northeast Mall, plus a substantial cash donation



Our photographer, also a substantial cash donation



Get Adobe Reader

Many of the forms/documents MCBA uses are available in PDF so that, no matter your computer system, they can be printed in a uniform way.  Click on the Get Adobe Reader icon for a free download.